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Vehicle Sales Agreement # 789981983

Seller :

Address VIA LA SPEZIA 14, 00071, POMEZIA (RM) , IT   
Partita IVA / REA

15237471006 / RM 1576973


Buyer :

( Should be completed by the Buyer )

Name _______________________________________
Address _______________________________________
e-Mail _______________________________________
Phone _______________________________________

  Delivery Address :



That in consideration of the representations made and the covenants herein contained, the Seller sells, transfers, bargains and conveys to the Buyer, and the Buyer purchases from the Seller the vehicle described as follows:

Vehicle Category : Boat


Model :

Year : 2005

Mileage :

Fuel : Petrol

Color :

Engine : N/A

Stock# : TR02212020216

1.01   The total purchase price for the vehicle shall be :     35000 EUR


1.02   Delivery will be made to buyer address.

1.03   Document preparation will take between : 1-3 working days. Delivery procedure will take between 5-10 days, depending on the location of delivery, weather, road traffic, etc.


1.04   The purpose of this contract is to deliver the vehicle to the Buyer's address and allow the Buyer an inspection period of five (5) days in a limit of 500 Km. The keys and all the vehicle documents in original will remain in the Buyer possession.

1.05   For the protection of the transaction, copies of sensitive information such as vehicle documents, will not be transmitted over the Internet or Fax services, the Buyer will have all the original documents for the inspection period.

1.06   All disclosures to the buyer regarding the vehicle, the vehicle documents, the duration, terms and procedure of the transaction are accurate and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations governing them.


2.01  Every client receives 1 year of guarantee for vehicles older than 5 years. If the vehicle is newer than 5 years the client will receive 1 year guarantee plus the remaining factory guarantee. Under EU law, you may invoke your guarantee at any dealer in the manufacturer's network, regardless of the EU country in which you bought the car. So if you buy your car in Germany and take it back with you to France, you can go to a car dealership for that make of car that is close to your home to ask for a manufacturing fault to be remedied (within the guarantee period), rather than travelling back to Germany.

2.02   Every client has 5 days / 500 km testing period. Every client has the right to return the car if it doesn't pass the inspection.


3.01   The Buyer will send the amount of 35000 EUR ( representing the total amount of transaction ) to the bank account of the Seller. Bank transfer is the only service that has ultimate authentication of the identity of the sender of funds; Ussually, International bank to bank transfers may require additional taxes. All taxes has been already calculated in the final amount.

3.02   The Buyer will make the payment only after will receive the Electronic Proforma (and/or) Final Invoice. For 'Vehicle Reservation' the Seller must issue a Proforma Invoice. For 'Buy it Now' the Seller must issue the Final Invoice.

3.03   As soon as the Seller receive the money from the Buyer, the Seller will send this money to the Bank/Lease Company that own the vehicle and pay all debts for it. After the Bank/Lease Company received the money, they will prepare the documents and deliver the vehicle to the Seller.

3.04   Bank/Lease Company and the Seller are obliged to disclose all the substantial cosmetic and non-cosmetic defects of the vehicle before execution of this Contract if any.

3.05   Before the Seller deliver the vehicle to the Buyer, the vehicle goes again through a quick check process to determine the condition of the vehicle, aesthetics, mechanics and the registration documents. This inspection is performed by Seller partner service team and is supervised by Seller service manager who verifies that everything is accurate and reflects the reality and assure that the vehicle is in perfect condition in the moment when we send it the Buyer.

3.06   If the vehicle is not up to the Buyer's satisfaction or/and the Buyer discovered an error in the vehicle description or in the vehicle documents or find any hidden defect, the Buyer can refuse the vehicle at no cost. In this case the Purchase Price shall be immediately refunded by bank transfer to the Buyer's account. If the Buyer want a full refund he must inform the Seller in maximum 48 hours from the ending time of testing period of 5 days. The payment is refundable to the Buyer, without charges or penalty fees, at request. After the Buyer is refunded the transaction and this contract are canceled.

3.07   If the Buyer refuses the vehicle, the Seller has the responsibility to take the vehicle from the Buyer and send it back to the Bank/Lease Company warehouse. This procedure will be provided at no cost for the Parties.



4.01   Both parties shall inform each other regarding any progress of an ongoing negotiation and/or transaction that is affecting this contract.


4.02   In the case that any of the parties is willingly breaking the obligations in this contract it will pay to the other part interests and damages.


5.01   Both parties are obliged to respect the terms of the Contract.

5.02   The Seller is obliged to act and support to the conclusion of the transaction as stipulated in the terms.


5.03   Both Parties and also the legal representative are hereby obliged, not to transmit and use the information that they obtained during this Contract to any third party unless otherwise informed by written notification.


6.01   This Contract shall be terminated as follows :

a) when the obligations of one of the parties have not been respected,

b) by expiration if not signed in 5 days from the time it was released,

c) by the parts’ consent.


7.01   Any dispute, controversy or claim that may arise out of or in connection with the execution, interpretation, enforcement or termination this Contract shall be amicably settled by the Parties.

7.02   If the Parties fail to settle amicably, the dispute, controversy or claim shall be settled by The Court of International Commercial Arbitration acting with The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the European Union and The Chamber of Commerce according to their arbitration rules and procedures.

7.03   This Contract has been drawn up in 2 (two) counterparts, each of them being an original, and has been signed at the date mentioned at the end of this legal document. The Contract is a legal document that can be attacked in law in any of he countries involved (the Buyer's or the Seller's) without the need of having it simultaneously in the languages of these countries. The English version is acceptable for international transactions.

7.04   This Contract in it's e-format is recognized by the commercial international law and regulations as well as the EU law and regulations and all of their affiliated institutions. This Contract is an undisputed binding contract which acts like any commercial contract and there is no need to receive it in any other format or language, and by any other method then the current one.

 Transaction # 789981983 - Monterey 250 CR :

Transaction Amount :

 35000 EUR


( representing the total amount of transaction )

Initial Vehicle Price :

35000 EUR

( without discount )

Discounted Price :

35000 EUR

( final price )

Additional Fees :

  0 €

( for preparation of documents, obtaining provisional license plates valid 30 days and vehicle insurance for the same period )


Notification: After the Buyer will sign this document, the Seller must issue the Invoice. The total amount of the Invoice must be 35000 EUR.











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